Thursday 29 November 2012

2012 Demo Reel

A sample of my animation and concept art work, primarily from the last three years of study.

Saturday 17 November 2012

Soul Knight, 2012 Update

A sample of my Multimedia Design graduation project, 'Soul Knight'.

'The Inventor' character illustration for original 'Soul Knight' project

'The Heart' character illustration for original 'Soul Knight' project

'Avaricious Gunslinger' character illustration for original 'Soul Knight' project

'Beacon' original illustration for 'Soul Knight'

And a little more miscellaneous work from the year.

'Malika' promotional illustration for 'Phantom Zero'

Animation assets for commissioned 'Multimedia Wedding Animation'
'Cyan Wyvern' original illustration

Saturday 2 June 2012

Phantom Zero (2012)

A sample of my work on Phantom Zero, an original manga-styled comic conceived by Josh Mclean. I was commissioned to design the characters, illustrate the first pilot chapter (42 pages), and complete a few relevant pieces of promotional art.

Phantom Zero Pilot Issue #1 front cover illustration

Interior artwork samples

Sunday 22 January 2012

Last Semester Work (2011)

Some samples of recent classwork, from my last semester in 2011.

'Avalesce Isylgarde' character concept illustration (Original)

'Loricatus MKIII' mech concept illustration (Original)

'Body Line' 2d animation project

Mortal Engines, 2011 Work

A small sample of my work from 2011. Mostly classwork.

Concept art class project, character group from the 'Mortal Engines' novel series

'Mortal Engines' project, 'Tom Natsworthy'

'Mortal Engines' project, 'Hester Shaw'

'Mortal Engines' project, 'Thaddeus Valentine'

'Mortal Engines' project, environment concept art for 'The Gut'

'Body Line' 2d animation project character sheet (Original)

'Suede Plays' guest illustration, episode one title card.

Unused splash illustration for the multimedia website, 'astv'

An assortment of random workbook/sketchbook drawings
(Original characters, 'Mortal Engines' sketches and 'Journey to the West' sketches)

...More workbook/sketchbook drawings
(Original characters, 'Bomberman' and 'Vash the Stampede', from 'Trigun')